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Cheap Eats

In today’s world of tightening belts and penny pinching, we all need ways to stretch our dollar without giving up the luxuries of life. I admit I succumbed to the excess of the early 21st century, only to be among the millions who had to give up pleasures for necessities. But in the shadow of the day, there is always a light. The common luxuries I am writing of are simple, food. Food is the one guilty pleasure which helps us forget the ills of the world.

One place to eat like a king on a pauper’s income is Subway. $5 for a sandwich for some can last more than one meal. If you play your cards right, you hit all of the major food groups with one sandwich. Yes chips and a drink may be extra, but the extras won’t have you breaking the bank. In the heat of competition, Quizno’s has raised the bar to try and match the most well known sub sandwich franchise by adding the “extras” and claims of taste.
Another “kingly” eatery is Dominos. Now you can order two medium pizzas for under $15. That amount of money can surely feed even the hungriest of broods. Their main competition Pizza Hut doesn’t off the best of deals, but for a smaller family, any pizza for $10 isn’t bad either. Can we say “pizza night” is back?

The most widely used form of cheap eats is the fast food restaurants. As the “Great Recession” is starting to not bear as much teeth, they are starting to bring back meal deals for under $3. What is this, the 20st century? A burger, fries, and a drink for a price which is not going to make me go into the poor house is something I like to use.

Whether you indulge in pizza, a burger and fries, or a foot long sandwich there is something out there for you. If you are clearly broke, yet you want to eat as if you are a Trump, take my advice and check out one of America’s favorite “cheap” eateries. Don’t worry; your wallet will thank me later.
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Money Pros and Cons - Personal Finance Basics

By [Really Long Link]Brandon Schmid

Is money good or is it bad? Depending how you view it, cash can be good but it has the potential to be a bad thing as well. Money can be good because it allows you the exact lifestyle you desire. It has the ability to fund your dreams such as going on holidays or could allow the chance for an early retirement. Money creates the chance to create a family, live in the city you want and allows to you to do anything you can imagine. Proper money management is the simplest way to understand personal finance basics.

The down side to money is if you live for it. By slaving away working at a place you don't like to earn money makes it bad. Cash can misguide many of Americans to become workaholics and desert their loved ones.

Without a doubt cash does have more good aspects than bad. Unfortunately the bad things related to money are often tied with misuse or greed.

What is Money to you?

Is earning lots of money to live the life of luxury is important to you or do you want to make just enough so you can live modestly. The choice is simple with little grey area and we all make that choice when dealing with the personal finance basics in our lives.

If you want to work 60 hours a week so you can afford to drive an expensive vehicle and own a 4000 square foot home is the way you enjoy living then more power to you. Sadly, I believe|in my opinion} you have become a slave to cash if you must work that much to drive that car or live in that home.

On the other hand if you want to have 100% freedom and 0% responsibility then you are a slave to yourself. Money probably has no value to you and you make just enough to make ends meet. Is that bad? Who am I to say.

I'm certain there can be a happy medium when it comes to money. You can get all of the pros and none of the cons. Working hard is incredibly important but it's good to know that you should not work for money. The more you understand personal finance basics, the more it will start to give back to you and the less you will be it's slave.

The best advice I can give is to find an occupation that you love and would probably do it for free anyway. If you're not happy at your job chances are it's because you only see the dollar signs associated with the job. The way to make money a positive factor to you is to alter the way you think and love where you are. The great thing is, the more passion you put into everything in your life, the more money you will make and the happier you will be. In short you will work less and make more.


You can pay off your debts and save money at the same time! Say goodbye to your boss forever! A blog that will show you the secrets of the wealthy: Really Long Link

Get a free budget sheet, net worth calculator, tools and more: []Really Long Link

Article Source: Really Long Link
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Earn Money as a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist - 70-640 Exam

All Details about Exam 70-640

The exam name for this exam code number is (windows 2008 server active directory and configuration). This exam is included in the certification examinations related to the information technology. Candidates need to take up this important examination in order to get certified. Since, certifications related to information technology issued by popular IT companies like Microsoft and Cisco etc is available worldwide, the examination can be written in some of the following languages as well. The exam can be written in English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese etc (any one from the following).

Requirements for the Exam:

For writing up of this examination, there is no need of any prerequisite necessary. However, it is always better to the candidates to have at least one year of work experience in the information technology field. Work experience is needed because it will be very helpful to the candidates in taking up the examination more easily.

Certification involved in this exam 70-640:

This 70-640 exam will help the candidates in earning credentials of handling the tasks of maintaining as well as configuring the active directory environment. The following are the certifications that are included for this exam 70-640 and they are:

1) MCTS (Microsoft certified technology specialists
2) MCITP (Microsoft certified information technology professional) in enterprise administrator
3) MCITP in server administration.

Other general information about the examination:

The following are some of the additional information to the candidates who are going to take up the examination.
1) The exam is for 1000 marks approximately and candidates have to score at least 700 marks in the exam in order to pass.
2) If a candidate is taking this exam for the first time and did not pass in the first attempt, then the candidate can retake the exam at any time for the second attempt. Even if the candidate fails in the second attempt, then retake is possible only after 14 days.
3) Exam fee is approximately 125 USD excluding tax. In some Asian countries, the fee is only 50 USD.
4) The examination is approximately 120 minutes and 55 multiple questions with no case study related questions.
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Ditch Vices to Save More Money

There is nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars a month on a habit that you know you need to break.

In a world where everything cost more than a weekly paycheck, it is important to budget expense according to needs and not wants. Vices tend to drain an income in little or no time at all. Vices can range from everyday luxuries to addictions and wasteful spending in areas where cost cutting is easily achieved

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Taking Care of the Aging, Broke Parent

There are times in life when the money needed just does not equal the money we have. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the one that seems to affect more and more people today is the aging parent. When a parent retires, there can be a space between the money they once brought home as a paycheck and the retirement money they are earning.

This gap can leave the parent in a place that they cannot afford. This is where the extended family can step into the picture. The parent was there to give the child a home and all the things they needed when they were growing up and the child can give that back if the parent is in need

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How to Go Green on a Budget

Going green is something that can be accomplished by everyone! Here are some easy ways to help the environment while saving money.

If you drive a gas-guzzler, you may have a hard time trading it in. If you could use less gas, you would save money and help the environment. Consider walking, biking, or using public transportation. Planning your trips and grouping as many into one trip will save gas

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The Power of the Penny

How many people think of the penny as a useless piece of change? What if that penny was worth more than you ever thought possible?

The power of the penny is in volume. Did you know the college fund of one child can be saved using just 50 pennies a day

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How Do I Manage Family Finances?

In a time when family finances are so important, talking about money with kids not only allows them into the inner circle of the family, but teaches them how to manage their own money in the future.

Kids understand money in a different way that other people. You need to break down the thousands of dollars into hundreds or even singles. This way, the children will be able to talk with parents about money

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Budget - What Budget?

No money - that is how I feel right now. I planned a wedding budget and then I spent well beyond that budget before paying off the essentials for the wedding. Aw shucks! What did I go and do that for? Now what! Okay, so I have a plan to get the money back (legally) so that part is okay, but the lesson I learned is priceless.

1) Never spend more than you have. Even if it is on a credit card, STOP! This will come come back to haunt you

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Wedding Finances - What Happens When the Money is Gone?

You have planned your wedding and thought the budget was going according to plan - but then there is an unexpected hitch and you need more money! What can you do?

Cut the reception. The reception costs more than the wedding. Instead of having plated meals, ask about the buffet option. If money is really tight, ask about snacks

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